Our Glamper


Glamping is  exactly what it sounds like… a combo of “glamorous” and “camping,” Most of us grew up camping. As I recall, it was a wonderful, fun, summer tradition. However now, I have outgrown the need to rough it. Between putting the tent up, bugs and mosquitoes, along with the lack of internet and cell service, camping out was not working out. Yes we had fun, yes we made memories, but after 20 plus years of this, we realized we needed something else.




After several years of searching, and a windfall tax refund check, we started searching the internet. We all wanted something Retro, but we each had our own checklist. Don wanted something red and white( to represent North Carolina State University), a refrigerator, something easy to tow, and storage space for a grill, chairs, etc, Deanna wanted a bunkbed in which she could create a get-away spot for a so called bedroom. A bathroom was on her list as well as a separate living area so she could invite a friend with her and they could watch TV and have their own space I wanted something turquoise, and it had to have a booth. I also wanted a bathroom and a lot of windows so I wouldn’t feel claustrophobic. A kitchen was on my list so I could make my coffee and prepare our DonDe’s Bar and Grill side dishes. And oh yes, a screen door. After many months and many family discussions, Don sent me a text saying, “What about this one?” Once I clicked on the link, I knew it was a dream come true. Not only was it red and white on the outside, it had a turquoise booth on the inside. It also had Deanna’s bunkbed, a small kitchen, storage underneath, and it was only 16 feet long. The wonderful couple who was selling it had only had it for about two months. The wife had grown up across the street from the family that had owned it and always wished for a trailer her own. Fast forward to 2017, and the previous owners had both passed away so the family was having an estate sale, and of course the beat up, old travel trailer was up for sale. The wonderful couple I spoke about earlier bought the trailer with the intention of totally remodeling it from inside out. But after less than 60 days, lots of paint, lots of updates and lots of hard work, they realized that this was not the project for them.


After asking alot of questions, discussing the lack of a bathroom, a lunch break, and a quick prayer or two, Don shook hands with both the husband and wife and we became proud owners of a 1963 Oasis Cabover.


We decided on naming the Glamper “HalfWay There” after one of our favorite family sing-a-long songs, “Living On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi. We realized that we could use the words to represent planning, preparing, and traveling, and it’s a great story when someone asks, “So what did you name her?” Even though everything is new to us, we have found that with a few luxury items, we  you can turn a campsite into a “home away from home” outdoor retreat that includes my much needed coffee maker and a screen door you can close to keep the bugs out.
So if you see us Glamping at a campsite near you  – please be sure to stop by to say hello! SaveSave SaveSave